In May 2005 my employer  offered me to go to Paris for a two weeks course. After a quick search on the Internet I found out that the Paris Air Show 2005 was to be held during my visit. I couldn't say no to that offer!!

I also searched for something more to visit in Paris and found the Order of the Liberation museum website. Among a lot of things displayed in the museum was Flight Lieutenant Pierre Clostermann's flight jacket. The museum was placed in the Hôtel National des Invalides, where also the Army museum and Napoleon's sarcophagus are. A museum worth visiting! Left Sweden for France on June 5th. The Xerox training centre is placed in Aulnay sous bois and the hotel is only 40 minutes walk from Le Bourget and the airshow! But during the weekend 11-12th June I changed hotel to Ibris Cambrone, close to the Eiffel tower and the Hôtel National des Invalides.

Hôtel National des Invalides is an impressing builiding and the museums first class. Below are a few examples of the great displays.



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The Museum of the Order of the Liberation is seperated into three parts: Free French, Resistance and Deportation. The main reason for the visit was of course the display with Pierre Clostermann's items in the Free French part. 


Above left: The display case which mostly contains parts donated by Clostermann, but also from a few other French pilots.
Above right: Close up of the flight jacket.
Right: Clostermann's DFC.

tempestnut-10 Clostermann's log book, in some cases with pictures taken by the gun camera.
tempestnut-11 The famous letter signed by AOC 83 Group Sir Harry Broadhurst, which "confirms" Clostermann's 33 victories.
tempestnut-12 Clostermann's uniform, cap and a few more things.
tempestnut-13 The control stick belonging to the Fw190-D which was shot down by Pierre Clostermann on March 20 1945.
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Left & right: In the room was also a painting hanging which depicts the victory of the Fw190-D on March 20 1945.




The Nut, aka as The Webmaster, and the Clostermann display case.



Text and images:
Christer Landberg