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Summary of Survivors

A total of over 1400 Tempests were built, but today there are only 12 left. The majority of those are ex-Indian (the HA serials). Although no Tempests are airworthy there are a number of restoration projects underway.



Mark Serial no. Civilian (Indian) Owner Status
II  LA607  N607LA Kermit Weeks, Tamiami, Florida USA In storage at Fantasy of Flight HQ, Polk City
II MW376 G-BSHW (HA564) KF Aerospace, Canada Restoration to fly
II MW401 G-PEST (HA604) Anglia Aircraft Restorations Stored?
II  MW404 (HA557) Chris Miller, Texas USA Restoration to fly
II MW758 (HA580) Tempest Two Ltd Stored
II MW763 G-TEMT (HA586)  Anglia Aircraft Restorations Restoration to fly
II MW810 (HA591) Nelson Ezell, Texas USA Restoration to fly
II MW848 (HA623) IAF Museum, Pallan AB, New Dehli On display
II PR536 (HA457) RAF Museum, Cosford On display
V EJ693 N7027E Kermit Weeks, Tamiami, Florida USA In storage at Fantasy of Flight HQ, Polk City
V JN768 G-TMPV The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group  
TT.5 NV778   RAF Museum, Hendon On display



Mark Serial no. Owner/Status
V SN260 Naylan Moore, South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum



Mark Serial no. History/Owner/Status
V EJ530 Shot down on 18 July 1944, Wing Commander Hartley bailed out.
V EJ600 Shot down on 2 October 44, S/L Joe Berry KIA. Parts on display at the International Museum 1939-1945, Netherlands.
V EJ603 Shot down on 23 Sept 1944, Flt Lt Gilbert Wild bailed out.
V EJ715 Shot down on 22 December 1944, pilot Bill Williams KIA. Only fuselage parts recovered.
V EJ803 Shot down on 29 December 1944, Flt Lt Malcolm F Edwards KIA.
V JN752 Shot down on 3 July 1944, Fl/Sgt Stanislaw Domanski KIA. Parts on display at The Romney Marsh Wartime Collection.
V NV981 Shot down on 25 March 45, Flying Officer William Kalka KIA.


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