Summary of Survivors

A total of over 1400 Tempests were built, but today there are only 12 left. The majority of those are ex-Indian (the HA serials). Although no Tempests are airworthy there are a number of restoration projects underway.



Mark Serial no. Civilian (Indian) Owner/Status
II  LA607  N607LA  Kermit Weeks, Tamiami, FL USA/In storage at Fantasy of Flight HQ, Polk City
II  MW376  G-BSHW (HA564)  KF Aerospace, Canada/Restoration to fly
II  MW401  G-PEST (HA604)  Anglia Aircraft Restorations/Stored?
II  MW404  (HA557)  Chris Miller, TX USA/Restoration to fly
II  MW758  (HA580)  Tempest Two Ltd/Stored
II  MW763 G-TEMT (HA586)   Anglia Aircraft Restorations/Restoration to fly
II  MW810  (HA591)  Nelson Ezell, TX USA/Restoration to fly
II  MW848  (HA623)  IAF Museum, Pallan AB, New Dehli
II  PR536  (HA457)  On display at RAF Museum, Hendon
V  EJ693  N7027E  Kermit Weeks, Tamiami, FL USA/Restoration to fly at Fantasy of Flight HQ, Polk City
V  JN768 G-TMPV  The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group
TT.5  NV778    On display at RAF Museum, Hendon



Mark Serial no. Owner/Status
V SN260 Naylan Moore, South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum



Mark Serial no. History/Owner/Status
V EJ530 Shot down on 18 July 1944, Wing Commander Hartley bailed out.
V EJ600 Shot down on 2 October 44, S/L Joe Berry KIA. Parts on display at the International Museum 1939-1945, Netherlands.
V EJ603 Shot down on 23 Sept 1944, Flt Lt Gilbert Wild bailed out.
V EJ715 Shot down on 22 December 1944, pilot Bill Williams KIA. Only fuselage parts recovered.
V EJ803 Shot down on 29 December 1944, Flt Lt Malcolm F Edwards KIA.
V JN752 Shot down on 3 July 1944, Fl/Sgt Stanislaw Domanski KIA. Parts on display at The Romney Marsh Wartime Collection.
V NV981 Shot down on 25 March 45, Flying Officer William Kalka KIA.


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