On 3 July 1944, No. 3 Squadron pilot Fl/Sgt. Stanislaw Domanski (P-782357 Polish Air Force), was on patrol looking for incoming V1's when he was hit by allied anti-aircraft fire. Domanski was killed in the crash at Cliff Farm, Playden, Sussex.



58 O.T.U Course 21 Polish flight; Fl/Sgt. Stanislaw Domanski, second from left in centre row.



The Romney Marsh Wartime Collection (Incorporating Brenzett Aeronautical Museum Trust) now have some remains of the Tempest Mk. V JN752, JF-S on display.






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Aircrew Remembered; 03.07.1944 No. 3 Squadron Tempest V JN752 JF-S Fl/Sgt. Domanski 

The Romney Marsh Wartime Collection


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