Tempest Mk.II tail skin


This Tempest II tail skin has been on sale for a few years and I finally decided to acquire it.

It had the silver paint on the panel as well as the orange and green paint from the Indian Air Force fin markings (second picture). This paint was flaky and underneath is the original RAF paint as shown in the first picture. There is also a part number and the remains of the stencil above the fin flash. 

Given that this was from one of the 8 Tempest II's from Poona - is there anyone with the original pictures of the imported aircraft on the starboard side that would help in confirming the indentity of the machine it came from?

I have looked and I believe it is not MW404/HA557 or from MW848/HA623. That only leaves 6 to choose from.








Tempest Mk. V propeller


This is a Tempest Mk. V propeller found by a farmer in Germany. He stored it in his barn but was recently sold in the Facebook group "Antique Aircraft Parts Exchange" by Klaus J. H. Ulke.