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William Arthur "Wacky" Kalka from Auckland, New Zealand, gained some considerable succes against V-1s with No. 486 Squadron during the summer of 1944 as a Warrant Officer.

After the unit moved to Holland to operate with 2nd TAF, his Tempest (EJ606) was shot down in error by US anti-aircraft fire on 13 January 1945. Fortunately he managed to bale out safely and returned to his unit. On 25 March he shot down a balloon and then strafed eight Fi156 Storch on ground. Whilst so engaged his Tempest (SA-A NV981) was hit by FLAK. He bailed out but fell into the River Maas, 3 miles from Grave. Kalka was drowned despite heroic efforts of a young Dutch girl to save him. 





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No. 486 squadron pilots at Newchurch. William Kalka center standing on his knee.

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Kalka's body was found three weeks after he drowned. Some local people gave him a field grave.

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 Uden War Cemetery in the Netherlands were Kalka is burried.


Kalka's victories in Tempest

Date of Claim Type Claimed Aircraft Serial No. Location of Claim Unit
23 June 1944 V-1 SA-L (JN801)  5-6 m SW Newchurch 486 Sqn
4 July 1944 2 x V-1s SA-M (JN809) Beachy Head 486 Sqn
12 July 1944 2 x V-1s SA-D (JN803) Bexhill area 486 Sqn
12 July 1944 2 x V-1s SA-D (JN803)) Hastings area 486 Sqn
6 August 1944 V-1 SA-M (EJ560) Bexhill 486 Sqn
25 March 1945 Balloon SA-A (NV981) NW Grave 486 Sqn



- F/O William Kalka's Memorial

- Hawker Tempest Mk.V NV981


Aces High Vol. 2 by Christopher Shores
Paul Strik