1. Lamps for control panel

2. Footage indicator

3. Re-setting lever for footage indicator

4. Windmill speed indicator

5. Cable cutter control

6. Dimmer swirth for control panel lamps

7. Override micro switch IN

8. Switch IN-STOP-OUT

9. Switch for control panel lamps

10. Switch IN-OFF-OUT

11. Override micro switch OUT

12. Crash pad




Emergency cable cutter control:
When it is required to detach the towing cable from the aircraft in an emergency, a control lever (see above) is pulled upwards. This releases a spring loaded guillotine which severs the towing cable and frees the trailing portion while the portion leading to the winch is automatically locked to prevent whipping and subsequent damage to the aircraft.


Target towing cable:
Before take-off the target towing cable is located in the spring clip on the tail wheel strut, this prevents the eable thrashing about and possibly causing damage.


A.P.2458E Tempest TT Mk.5 Vol. 1
Thanks to Erwin Wiedmer,