The radio installations are carried on two trays mounted behind the pilot's seat in the monocoque forward of frame A. They comprise T.R.1143, beam approach and I.F.F.



The transmitter-receiver and its power unit are carried on the upper tray, on a level with the radio access panel in the port side of the monocoque. A whip aerial is mounted above on the monocoque skin.


I.F.F. installation

A receiver, R.3003, R.3078 or R.3090 is mounted at the forward end of the lower tray. A blade aerial is on the underside of the monocoque near the beam approach aerial. When R.3003 or R.3078 are used there is also a wire aerial slung between the fuselage and the tips of the tailplane. The control panel is mounted on the port side of the cockpit.


Beam approach

The amplifier A.1271 is mounted at the rear of the lower tray, a "boat"-type aerial being fitted on the underside of the monocoque.