When going through some family photos Andrew Root found his grandfather George Root's photos. They are all taken at Fassberg in 1946 when George was with No. 26 Squadron. Chris Thomas has helped to identify the aircraft where possible.

Thanks to both Andrew and Chris!


root 1

Chris Thomas: XC-D (SN228) Sqn Ldr 'Poppa' Ambrose's aircraft (26 Sqn).
Squadron Leader's pennant just visible below the windscreen. The spinner was at one time painted red.


root 2

Andrew Root's grandfather George 3rd from the right.

Chris Thomas: I believe this aircraft is probably XC-R (MW417) as the sloping stroke of the '7' can just be seen on the u/c door. 

 root 3

Chris Thomas: XC-S (NV987) which had seen wartime service with 56 Sqn as US-R before being issued to 41 Sqn as EB-S.
The latter unit was renumbered as 26 Sqn during BAFO's reorganisation, on 1 April 1946 - becoming XC-S.


root 4

Chris Thomas: This is either XC-H (MW422) or XC-J (MW423).


The late George Root Collection
Andrew Root
Chris Thomas