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Fred Penny was born on 3 July 1922 in Ilford, UK. The family moved to Croydon in South London when he was young and the constant sound and sight of aeroplanes in the sky fuelled his passion for aviation and the determination to fly.

Fred joined the RAF in 1938, he was in the 38th at RAF Halton where he learned the trade to of Airframe Fitter. He then went to Calskot to work on flying boats, and then to Greenock in Scotland. In December 1941 he went to the Aircrew Reception Centre in London and got his "wings" when he was 20.

He was posted to 145 Squadron in Italy flying Spitfire. In January 1945 he moved back to UK and No. 55 O.T.U where he flew Hawker Typhoons. From 6th to 15th March he was sent to No. 83 G.S.U Dunsfold to fly the Hawker Tempest Mk. V. He flew eight sorties, a total of 7 hrs 45 mins, and was on 16th March on his way to Volkel and 274 Squadron. Fred stayed with 274 until the end of July 1945.

Fred continued with his service career flying and instructing both in the UK and with postings in Rhodesia, Christmas Island and Hong Kong. His flying career ended after 25 years when he failed ECG medical only heralded a new career in York with Rowntrees as a production support manager until age 63 with retirement and a move to Scarborough's South Shore.

Fred Penny died on 14 July 2014.













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274 Squadron; Squadron Leader Hibbert middle in front row. Fred Penny middle sitting on the left wing. Buck Feldman closest to fuselage on right wing.



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