First posted on Facebook by Simon D’Arcy, with permission posted here together with comments from Chris Thomas. A huge thanks to both!

"Attached are some photos recovered from my father’s photo album. He was Flying Officer Michael (Mike) Austin D’Arcy RAF. 
I recall being told as a child he pranged two Tempests. Both Incidents being, I think, in Aden. Both crashes were the result of what may have been a common reoccurring problem - engine failures. It didn’t seem to affect his career!
 It’s him in the first photo, presumably taken shortly afterwards as blood is still seeping out of the bandage.

He later went on to instruct in Meteors, then flying Hunters as Sqn Ldr 20 sqn in Gutersloh before Flying Vulcans at Waddington as c/o 44 sqn. Returning later as Station Commander. Then Commander of the Queens flight. He also either won or came third in the Kings Cup Air race flying a Miles Messenger."


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Chris Thomas: "The wreck F/O Michael Austin D’Arcy is posing with was NX194 JV-G in which he suffered an engine failure on approach to land at Shallufa, Egypt (apparently due blocked filters), on 27 October 47. He ploughed through the 'aerodrome wall' with flaps and u/c down. NX194 was not repaired."



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Chris Thomas: "The other crash depicted is NX251 JV-S which also had an engine failure and crashed in fields alongside the aerodrome at Nicosia on 6 May 47. It was not one of your father's crashes - it was flown by Flt Lt Walker who survived uninjured. NX251 was of course 'written off'.
(D’Arcy's second forced landing was in NX225 on 13 Nov 47; it was Cat B and duly repaired.)"


Simon D’Arcy
Simon D’Arcy
Chris Thomas

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