I thought you might like to see the enclosed Tempest photos. I have been examining some old negatives taken by the late Gerald Lawrence.

The pics are probably too poor to use, but if you do, please credit to Gerald Lawrence via Tony Clarke. It is a collaborative effort by Tony and myself to get the photos onto my Flickr page at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dwhitworth/


David Whitworth


Thanks for sharing David! And a photo of a Tempest can never be too poor!

/The Webmaster




EJ660 at Duxford 19 September 1953 

These two photos were taken by Gerald Lawrence at Duxford Sep 19th 1953, showing EJ660 as a Mk. V Target Tug '30-RS' on static display.

Tempest Mk. V EJ660 first flew with 80 Sqn during early autumn 1944 as W2-B. Moved later to 3 Squadron where it, piloted by F/O B.M. Vassiliades, downed two Fw190s on 23 January 1945. EJ660 was post war converted to Target Tug.








NV699 at Hendon on 21 July 1951, '50 Years Of Flying'

This photo of Tempest Mk. V TT NV699 was taken at Hendon's '50 Years Of Flying' display on 21st July 1951.




NV768 at Luton on 22 July 1951, Luton Flying Club Open Day

NV768 at Luton Flying Club Open Day on 22 July 1951. NV768 was one of two Tempests built with an annular radiator, in an effort to streamline the aircraft. Read more here.






Credit to Gerald Lawrence via Tony Clarke

David Whitworth