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European Air War


Strap yourself into a Hawker Tempest Mk. V and fight against Fw190s, Bf109s, Me262s and many more german fighters and bombers ! Join the 150 Wing and 3 Squadron and fight, under W/C Roland Beumont's command, over Europe from May 1944 to the end of the war. The simulator is of course MicroProses "EUROPEAN AIR WAR".


misc-1 Christian Mosimann has made a number of Tempest skins for EAW.
misc-2 JF - E (NV994), flown by Flt Lt Pierre Clostermann, No 3 Sqn, Hopsten (B.112), April 1945. Made by Pierre Alfaro.






-AD- has completed a model of a Tempest V for the X-plane flight. 
You can download the model and read more about it here:


X-Plane.Org Forum


Fighter Ace


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Fly Hawker Tempest On-Line with Fighter Ace!


Aces High


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Fighter Squadron




This is a Hawker Tempest Mk. V R-B (JN751) made by Jaime 'Killer-Ants' Alheiros for Fighter Squadron.